What does it mean to be foreign? How do different people from different nationalities perceive this feeling? One interesting view has been given by another blogger in Graz and I am reblogging it here. I hope you like it too! The blog is called Mokdong Magpie – sounds intriguing, right?

Mokdong Magpie

Tomorrow is my first day as a high school teacher here in Graz. The school systems in Austria are organized differently than in the U.S., so I will teach ages 11-19 at the “Gymnasium”. The students attending Gymnasium are on a college-bound track; after a few years of general study, they will begin to choose specializations.

I am teaching at two different schools, one specializing in sports and one emphasizing music.   I’m excited to work with older students, as most of my students in prior years were elementary or middle schoolers, and I hope that I can inspire them to care about my lessons. The TA’s I trained with last week went to one of my schools and brought back reports of both lovely and terrible classes. This is normal. I had some classes in Korea that I looked forward to every day, and some where I felt more like…

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