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One of my regular reads is the newsletter from Baby Center, which is can read in many different languages according to your preference or to the country where you live. I prefer www.babycenter.com because it’s in English and therefore it’s more fun to read.

The topics go from development and behaviour, health, nutrition, milestones and lots and lots of articles on how to deal with your kids at all different ages from baby to big kid. If you register you can enter your kids’ birthday to receive the newsletter per email.

As I said, I read this newsletter on a regular basis and sometimes also their blog. However, the last one I got for my preschooler included a “Parent Tip” that kind of made me a little suspicious… here it is:
When my daughter’s refusing a nap but I know she really needs one, I stand there, tell her to close her eyes, and wait. After about five minutes of me making sure she stays in her bed and has her eyes closed, she’s usually sound asleep.”

Hum. Why doesn’t that work out with my son?? I wish it was that easy…! We are also having our “nap refusal phase” and it has its advantages but also disadvantages. First of all, he really needs it. Period. But on the other hand, he has troubles falling asleep in the evening. So I don’t know.

Anyway, hope you like the Baby Center page!



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