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Last week’s “Quick Tip: Be the Perfect Guest” has inspired me to write this post. It’s about a subject that has been on my mind for long and I finally managed to hit “publish”.

For those who haven’t read the Quick Tip, this is about comment moderation on blogs and some tactics on how to engage with your readers and promote thoughtful conversation. The article really made me laugh as it approaches the most common maleure suffered by many of us poor bloggers: when ONLY your MOTHER writes comments to your posts! Yep, I too know this problem and although I appreciate ALL comments, I sometimes wish there was more conversation going on besides “Oh dear, I didn’t know you felt that way! But tell me, are you coming home for Christmas?”. This said, I suppose many other bloggers know what I mean…

Most of the times after IĀ hit “publish”, I am fully aware that I am doing it for myself. I started blogging because I have always loved reading and writing. I studied to become a teacher of foreign languages and I am addicted to blog reading. So my primary need for food for thought is already pleased just by reading stuff like “Freshly Pressed” and many other great blogs. I love it, it’s my thing, let it go. Even if it keeps me awake at night when I should be getting more sleep.

But the truth is, bloggers HEART comments! We do! Reading your comments is one of the highlights of the day šŸ™‚ It’s like an additional bonus to all the rewards of blogging and what it does to you on the psychological level. It’s the cream on top of your cupcake. It’s the flowers on your birthday. It’s the smile on a stranger’s face when you walk past them on the street. So YES, I will blog for comments and I am not afraid to say so. šŸ™‚

By the way, congratulations to Michelle W. who wrote the Quick Tip and was rewarded with 170 great comments! SomeĀ more creative than others like “Great post, I agree!” (just kidding) but ALL sent on one common ground:


ThanksĀ mom for all the previous comments andĀ thanks Pilar who always visits me and offers meĀ kind comments! All othersĀ must beĀ just voices in my head…


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