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I have some friends who don’t have kids yet. Yes, maybe it sounds strange because as a parent you almost only have friends with kids, but there are a few childless acquaintaces left.

Every now and then my single friends and I talk about things like “what is it like to be a mom” or “why having a child does not mean your life is over”. These discussions are sometimes difficult for me because they put me in this situation where I could just say the one sentence almost everybody who is either older or already a parent likes to say:

“You have no idea unless you’ve been there”.

Now I am not the kind of person to say that. I am a teacher and therefore I truly believe that sometimes it’s my duty to help other people UNDERSTAND things, so I do my best to give them a hand by coming up with examples, which are so obvious that even Paris Hilton would scream “yeah!!! I want KIDS TOO”! And I’m not being cynical here, believe me!

Anyway, I still remember how scary some aspects of parenthood sounded to me before I had my son, so I completely understand. I even have a good laugh during those conversations, especially when these single friends roll their eyes at your child’s poo accidents or that one time he threw up at your last company’s summer party (yes, it happened to me). I laugh because I KNOW that for a mother that really doesn’t matter! You get so used to using wipes that you start cleaning everything with them, even your shoes, which by the way works great.

So when I get serious and I try to convey the beauty of having a child, I would tell them real examples like these:

1. Having a child is like having your own private cinema at home. You can watch them the whole time and you never get tired of that sight. Especially when they imitate those tiny gestures you make but are not even aware of, it’s absolutely incredible!
3. You really know what love is when your child looks at you in the eyes and says “I love you”!
4. Special moments like when your baby sticks his little finger in your belly button and says he wants to live inside your belly again are just breath taking…
5. looking at another human being and being entitled to say YOU have not only genetically formed him, but more importantly, you have raised him, fed him, loved him, protected and cared for him and he is turning out fine is THE reason to make you proud of your achievements. Everything else is just not big enough to fill you with this pride and satisfaction.

…this is just to name a few because after all, you don’t want them to start hating you 🙂

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